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What is happening in the Philippines?

Multiple posts, all of them fascinating, over at Belmont Club, regarding the Philippine front in the War on Terror:

-- There's this essay on how Gloria Arroyo's strategy of abject surrender to terror demands is (shockingly!) not getting the terrorists to back down in their strategy of kidnaping Filipino nationals for ransom in Iraq. Latest terror demand: Arroyo and the Philippine government are being told by Iraqi terrorists that they must vocally repudiate the U.S. and its Iraq strategy as a condition of releasing its latest hostage (whose family cries: do it!).

-- There's a series of postings, starting with this and this, including this, and ending with this, about the prison takeover by Abu Sayyaf imprisoned guerillas. The gross incompetence of the Philippine correctional guards makes security at the Fulton County Courthouse look like Dick Cheney's secret, secure, undisclosed location.

Wretchard's theme is that corruption, incompetence, cowardice, and leftist influence are in harmonic convergence in Manila, setting the scene for an unmitigated disaster on the Philippine front in the War on Terror.

The Philippines is a special country. It has a special mission in this world, to be the outpost of Catholicism to the most populous continent on the planet, right in the center of its greatest population density. Now is the time to pray for the Philippines. Pray that the corrupt officials put the real interest of the people above personal gain. Pray that itsgovernment makes the right decisions. And pray that those same officials grow a spine.
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