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"Wonderfalls" on DVD

Blogging is light for a very legitimate reason. My Wonderfalls DVD came from amazon yesterday.

Wonderfalls was the offbeat story of a young slacker, recently graduated from Brown, and working as a retail cerlk at a souvenir stand in Niagra Falls. Inanimate objects - always animals - talk to her and command her to do things. It's never clear exactly what they're commanding her to do, as the meaning of the commands change over the course of the episode. Quite simply, it was the best scripted TV show of the 21st Century.

It aired for only four episodes. I caught only three. And I loved each one. The show was funny. It was witty. It was spiritual in a way that broadcast TV never is. It's not wholly in accord with my brand of orthodox Catholicism, but it is amazing for an American TV program (and a hour-long comedy at that) to take religion and the realm of the spritual so seriously.[*] And that's "seriously" not in the sense of heavy and weighty, but "seriously" in the sense of being a legitimate part of this world and one's existence.

I've now made it through the first four of 13 episodes that were filmed. Those are the four that were broadcast. It's even better than I remember. The witticisms came so fast that, in the original broadcast, I couldn't have caught them all.

Amazon is now charging $29.99. has it cheaper by - what a shock! - three bucks, at $26.49. My copy is making me so happy.

Footnote: Quite interesting, given the spiritual/religious subtext of the show, that the excellent, catchy theme song, "I Wonder Where the Wonder Falls," was written and sung by militant atheist Andy Partridge. It's the only thing decent Partridge's done since Skylarking. Might as well declare the title song the song o' the day.
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