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Andrew Sullivan is a ass

So says, sort of, Professor Bainbridge (via Charles Dickens, of course).

Professor Bainbridge, being the intelligent, rational, moral, orthodox Catholic that he is, takes great issue with histrionics recently posted about Pope Benedict XVI, by that Andrew Sullivan.[*] Sullivan went into histrionics because the new Pope not only will not subvert the basic tenets of Catholicism, but is (shriek!) one of the great defenders of church teaching in the last 100 years.

Mr. Sullivan has always been a self-centered, egomanical, obnoxious little twit (yes, I've met him, so I know of what I speak). He is frustrated by any institution that won't provide him with the affirmation that his self-loathing self craves. Because the Catholic Church declines to approve of butt sex, Andrew declines to approve of the Church. Hell, unless the Church raised buggery to a sacrament, Andrew would keep screaming like a schoolgirl whose My Little Pony was just taken away. The world does not exist to give comfort to Andrew; it's the other way around. For each of us.

In all seriousness, pray for Andrew.

I briefly caught an MSNBC story where Keith Olbermann -- speaking of schoolgirls who just lost their My Little Ponies -- was complaining about the new Pope. They used the word "divisive." Interesting word choice, no? A leftist/relativist who would subvert Church teachings would only be called "progressive." He would never be called "divisive," no matter how many faithful were strongly against him. Like "extremist," it is a word reserved for conservatives, no matter how appropriately applied to the other side.

And, while I'm at it, I think Pope Benedict XVI is the true "progressive." Here is a man willing to stand up and fight to change the direction we're headed. Momentum was carrying us -- and the Catholic Church -- into the modern world with all the good and bad that entailed. Pope Benedict XIV, in his Cardinal Ratzinger incarnation, was one of the major figures to stand up, point out the folly of our mindless slouch in that direction, and lead us to a better way. That, in my estimation, is a true progressive. Someone who's not willing to just let us drift where the times take us, but willing to lead in a new direction. Even if that new direction is the traditional way of doing things. Especially then the traditional way is the road less traveled.

I have rarely been so happy to be Catholic as I am because of the events of today. I'm giddy. Like a schoolgirl. Who's just been given five brand spankin' new My Little Ponies!

Footnote: [*] I will not link to Mr. Sullivan because I want to do nothing to increase traffic to his site and, thus, blogad revenue to his pocket.
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