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Bruce Woolley & the Camera Club - "English Garden"

At the turn from the 1970s to the 1980s, Bruce Woolley & the Camera Club released two LPs of new wave pop, only one of which has been released on CD. The first, English Garden, was the clear superior of the two. The LP attracted some attention from the new wave music press (such that it was) for it contained two tracks co-written with the Buggles, including the classic "Video Killed the Radio Star" (which, as all good music historians know, was the first video played on fledgling MTV, in 1981, in its Buggle incarnation). English Garden contains a warmer version of "Video," a sunnier-poppier version propelled by Woolley's hiccuppy tenor.

The strongest song on the 1979 LP is the title track, "English Garden." It is the most "rockin'" track, such as that may be, on a disc that is very much part of the new wave genre that reached its peak that year. I still don't know what a "gentleman" is supposed to do in his "English garden," but that's all right. I'll always be nostalgic for this bit of late 70s new wave ($16.49 on Song o' the day for a hot Sunday afternoon.
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