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The Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen in Love"

Were the Buzzcocks a punk band doing pop? Or a pop band doing punk?

The Buzzcocks were what punk would sound like bled dry of all anger. Today's song o' the day, "Ever Fallen in Love" is pure punk. But it's also the most pop-oriented of the original Buzzcock singles. Home sapien lead singer Pete Shelley provides the right amount of confusion and urgency in his singing. The song was later covered by Roland Gift and Fine Young Cannibals, who take out all the punkiness and deliver a catchy pop song.

If you only want one Buzzcocks' CD, the difficulty is choosing between 1991's Operators Manual: Best of the Buzzcocks and 1979's Singles Going Steady. The 16-track Singles Going Steady was a repackaging of their first eight UK singles. On the original LP release, the A-sides were chronologically aligned on Side A, the B-sides chronologically on Side B. The 25-track Operators Manual takes 11 of the Singles tracks, and adds later material. But two of the better B-sides from Singles are deleted: "Oh Shit" and "Something's Gone Wrong Again." None of these additions, not even "Fiction Romance" or Different Kind of Tension's "You Say You Don't Love Me" seem worth the trade-off. doesn't make deciding between these two any easier. They sell both Operators Manual and Singles on the sale for the cheap cheap price of $7.99. At the price, you don't have to choose. Get both!
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