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Canadian perfidity

Et tu, Canada?

I don't expect much from the French. for example. It's like the old fable about the scorpion and the frog: it is in their nature to be perfidious.

I used to expect better of the Canadians. But now, as the Canadian scandals mount, and the dealings come to light of the high Canadian government officials, including Prime Minister Paul Martin in bed with Saddam Hussein, it is clear that the Canadian government sold out its long term friendship with the United States for a few bucks worth of bloody U.N. Oil-for-food scandal cash.

Backstabbing from friends wounds twice: both from the stab and from the source. Given that the Liberal Party controls the Canadian media, it cannot even be said the Liberal-dominated Canadian government was doing the people's bidding, as the minority Liberal Party unilaterally sets the Canadian national agenda.

Perhaps it's because of the Quebec influence over Canadian national policy, but the Canucks now manage to combine the worst of the French, with none of the European nation's redeeming graces. Perfidy, without the culture. Backstabbing, without the delicious cuisine. Narcissism, without history. Whining, without wine. Smugness, without having a damn thing to be smug about.
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