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CBS's not-so "Amazing Race"

Over the years, I became hooked on the CBS reality show, the Amazing Race, where teams of two race around the globe, with the last place finisher at various checkpoints being eliminated at the end of (nearly) each episode. The show had intelligence. It had drama. It had beuatiful international scenery. I watch little TV, and very little "reality" TV, but this was different.

No more. We're nearing at the "final four," the last four team, and I'm about ready to stop watching.

The seventh edition "stars" two obnoxious "reality TV stars," "Rob & Amber" who apparently were some sort of love-couple on CBS's reality giant, Survivor. These two aren't mere contestants, but are the "stars" of the contest. It's basically "Survivor's Rob & Amber Race 'Round the Globe!" Not my idea of good TV.

Continually throughout this series, whenever they get in trouble, and are in danger of falling behind the pack, something "fortuitous" happens. Either some local recognizes them from Survivor and helps them out. Or, as has happened at least twice, the shows producers change the rules.

Once, when Rob decided that he didn't want to complete a "roadblock," where one of the two contestants must complete some difficult or unpleasant task to advance, they simply let him advance. They imposed a "penalty," that was far less than what was imposed in past years for failing to complete "roadblocks" and which seemed to be timed based on how far behind some of the trailing teams were. In another instance, they just "happened" to arrive at the last second for a charter aircraft that for some reason was stuck on the tarmac on a bright, sunny day. (The fact that Rob seems to be given an endless supply of fresh, clean Boston Red Sox caps as he races around the world further heightens my suspicion that the fix is in.)

Don't insult the audience. Although I guess the audience loves Rob & Amber because the this whole season of Amazing Race is nothing but a 15-hour promo for the upcoming Rob & Amber wedding show. Count me as being eliminated from that race.
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