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Eminem wins!

I have no use for Eminem. I have no use for his music. I have no use for his leftist politics. I have no use for homophobia (a product, no doubt, of the old adage that we hate in others what we most fear in ourselves).

That said: congratulations Marshall Mathers III for your recent victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals. A "man"[*] by the name of Deangelo Bailey sued Eminem for portraying him "in a false light" on one song on Eminem's 1999 "The Slim Shady LP." The case got thrown out on summary judgment and that decision was upheld by Michigan's intermediate court of appeals. Bailey admitted to picking on Master Mathers while they were in school, even admitted shoving him. The song portrays the victim of the bullying as being so severely beaten that his "'whole brain fell out' of his skull," according to the FoxNews article. The court used an uncommon amount of common sense and decided that no reasonable listener would take that outcome seriously.

Clever, creative revenge on a bully which has now been upheld by an appellate court. For once, I salute Mr. Mathers.

Footnote: [*] Uh-huh. Yes. Those are indeed "sarcasm" quotes. As always, thank you very much for noticing.
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