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The end of Canada

Austin Bay forecasts a future for Canada very much like one I am envisioning, calling Canada the world's next "failed state."

Multicultural Canada seems like to go the way of Czechoslovakia and Tito's Yugoslavia, right off the map. The Toronto Globe & Mail reports support for separatism (a.k.a., "independence") for Quebec at a new millennium peak of 54 percent. Interesting about the sponsorship program, which was supposed to market the joys of transcontinental Canada to the francophonic population of Quebec and instead devolved into a taxpayer-funded Liberal Party piggy bank (with the emphasis on the word "piggy"). It was supposed to unify the country into a single multi-culti whole, yet it appears that it could be the catalyst for the final national crack-up.

Ironic? Don't you think. A little too ironic, yeah, I really do think. Said one Canadian once, awhile back

If Quebec, if the center doesn't hold, how could the rest of Our Smug Neighbor to the North stay together? Nunavut probably goes for full independence. The maritimes and Newfoundland would be geographically detached from a country that gave them short shrift even when there was contiguity. What chance do they have without a conterminous Canada?

Alberta is a perfect cultural fit the U.S. British Columbia could go independent, or join Alberta as the 51st and 52d states, respectively. Even the maritimes, including Newfoundland, could be absorbed into the U.S., since those economically depressed provinces could not go it alone.

That leaves Ontario with its two little Montenegros, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The good news is, the downsized (or right-sized, or, more appropriately, left-sized) Canada would be monolingual, which should keep the remaining constituent parts together.

(Thanks to Canadiologist for pointing me in the right direction.)
I came to your blog via a Catholic Blogroll, but I see it is more politically-oriented (and I am not terribly political).

However, on the off-chance it is of some interest to you:

I've just "ended" coverage of the Papal Ascension on my blog.

In the blogpiece I mention below, I wrap-up all my thoughts since 2 April, including mentioning MSM treatment of recent events.

"Why are We So Afraid of Benedict XVI?"


Best of luck to you in your blog. And oh, BTW, my boyfriend is Canadian. ;)

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