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Eurythmics - "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart"

Savage is generally the least appreciated of Eurythmics records. The 1987 release was their sixth, and next to last, CD (not including 1999's "reunion" coda Peace). It was, quite literally, savaged by the critics and ignored by their U.S. audience. It produced no U.S. chart singles.

Such a shame. It's a great record, with any of a number of quirky, catchy pop songs. Despite being unfortunately overlooked, "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart" is the best song of Eurythmics decade-long career. Yes it features Annie Lenox's cold, signature detachment, but it also has a mature humanity that was lacking in their great video singles of the early 1980s.

Dave Stewart was a pop craftsman of the finest sense. Even when his songs were flat without anything to say, they sounded great, which makes Eurythmics, in effect, a new wave E L O, fronted by an androgyne. "You Have Placed a Chill" sounds simply fabulous.

Savage is hard to find in its original 12-track form. Amazon has the 19-track remaster with bonus tracks for $18.49. Given that Eurythmics was essentially a singles band, I'm not sure if the remastered/bonus track discs are worth grabbing.
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