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The final hours of the Great John Paul II

It appears from news reports that we have entered the final hours of the most important papacy of the Catholic Church's second millennium. I don't believe the preceding statement to be hyperbole, just a recognition of fact.

Pope John Paul II is a saint on earth. He is the greatest pope of the second thousand years of the Roman Catholic Church. He has been a tremendous force for good in the world. From his critical role in the defeat of the Soviet Union (foreseen by Ronald Reagan), to his act of forgiving his would-be assassin, he has been a presence of the divine here on earth.

His example is probably the predominant reason I returned to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church back in 1992, the church into which I had been baptized by which my family left when I was about four (resulting in me being raised a non-commital Methodist). The Pope's life most surely will continue after this one and soon it will be more appropriate to pray to him, for his intercession on behalf of all of us, than it will be to pray for him.
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