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Health community lies for your own good

This article at Tech Central Station neatly sums up a report that the Center for Disease Control ("CDC"), finally acknowledging what knowledgeable folks have suspected for sometime: there is no link between being "slightly" overweight and premature death. The health community is finally acknowledging the common sense that being underweight is correlated with increased risk of premature death and not until one's overweigh-i-ness climbs into morbid obesity territory does it appreciably correlated with increased risk of hastened death.

What a great way to begin the day for someone carrying about 20-25 pounds too many (putting me at about 10-12 percent over what I consider my "ideal"). I think I'll celebrate with some maple donuts!

Actually, I'm celebrating with over-sugared instant oatmeal because I'm too lazy this morning to cook up another batch of steelcut oats, which do make the most delicious oatmeal. If I boil a cup of pinhead oats (in four cups of water), it's a three-day supply of heart-healthy breakfast food. So, if I avoid the carbs that don't keep me filled, I'll be down to 195 or so in no time. Which, given the CDC study, may slightly increased my risk of hastened death (as I have fully "matured," I would believe that I'm too old now for "premature" death).

But if I look better, it's all worth it.
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