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I'm not going to Belém, Brazil

When I drew up my list of 20 possible vacation destinations, the idea was that each option was equally viable. I would be just as happy if New Madrid, Missouri, gets selected as I would be with the Vatican. But as I do this "one envelope a day" elimination, I'm realizing that I have favorites. And I eliminated one of those favorites today.

I'm not just choosing a vacation spot Age 45. My reactions to each place selected out are focusing me as to where else I must visit in the near future. And given that I was really bummed that Belém was eliminated today, that must mean that I definitely have to go there in the near future.

I want to explore Northern Brazil: Belém, Fortaleza, Teresina (reputedly the hottest city in Brazil), maybe Satarem and Manaus, maybe Natal and Recife. Listen to the cool forró music of the sertão. This would've been a nice kick-in-the-pants to get me there before all my Portuguese language skills have dissipated. But it was not to be.
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