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I'm not going to Craters of the Moon, Idaho

I'm guessing it's not much to see, just a bunch of lava fields, but I've been fascinated by Craters of the Moon National Monument for the longest time. The time will grow even longer as this will not be the destination for my Year 45 vacation.

This could have been a whole Central Idaho extravaganza of sorts, maybe even including a Salmon River rafting trip of some sort. If I had done that, I would have preferred a two-day, overnight excursion, as three hours probably isn't enough to get a feel for the river (or to see any scenery, for that matter).

I don't expect there's much scenery to see at Craters of the Moon. Just lava. But the whole "lost river" idea is fascinating, the idea that a flowing river plunges into the ground, and re-appears way on the other side of Idaho. I've never seen a river that's "sunk"; they usually stay on the surface, don't they? I don't think the siking point is open to the public, but it would be fun driving around Central Idaho, eating the local potato products, and looking for where it is. Some day; not this year.
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