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I'm not going to Mitchell, South Dakota

And why did even consider Mitchell, South Dakota? The Corn Palace!

Roadside America loves the Corn Palace. And why not? It's a palace and it's corn! Actually, it is a quasi-Russian-style concrete building with a corn facade. Same decoratig principal as a Rose Bowl Parade float, except they use corn instead of flower petals and it is not designed to be driven down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California, but is, instead, stationary, and (this is a fundamental difference) it's in Mitchell, South Dakota.

A trip to the Corn Palace would have been a hoot. Maybe a side trip to Mount Rushmore to see if I "get it" my second trip. (My big question when I first went to Mount Rushmore in '89 was: "Does everyone who comes here think 'is this all there is?'") And Mitchell has a
Culver's. (Best frozen custard anywhere, ever, in case you didn't know.) Flavor of the day was "red raspberry". Yumm. What more could you want from a vacation destination?

Well, whatever that may be will have to wait another year, because in Year 45, I will not be visting the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.
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