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I'm not going to the Pampas of Argentina

This is another one that hurts. When you draw up a list of places you've never visited and want to visit, the process of selecting out sites emphasizes the priorities among the options. The Argentine Pampas was a late edition to my list of 20 (a last minute substitution for a very expensive trip to Easter Island, Chile) and it quickly became one of my favorites.

I want to go to The Argentine and soak up the culture. And eat the beef. Visiting Argentina would be like going to Europe ... but without all the condescending America-hating (actually, America-envying) Euro-trash. Yes, the museums and architecture would be inferior, but the people would be friendlier and more attractive, the meats would be plentiful and the wines would be equivalent.

The Magnificent Seven are down to the Six Pack.
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