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I'm not going to Yellowstone National Park

America's premier national park - the world's original national park - was among my vacation options. It made the "elite eight" among my options. It is a disgrace that this was even among my 20 "never been to" but "must get to" vacation options, because, by now, I should have gone there.

But I have not yet been to Yellowstone National Park. And just because it got selected out today, doesn't mean I can't take a long weekend driving trip up to the northwestern corner of Wyoming, and not only visit the Granddaddy of the National Park system, but take a sidetrip down to Grand Teton National Park and maybe Jackson Hole. (And bop over to Craters of the Moon in Idaho, given that it too was eliminated.)

That probably would take a mighty long weekend - perhaps even a nine or 10 day weekend. But it would be worth it. Sometime. Soon.
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