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Kirsty MacColl - "Walking Down Madison"

This song reminds me of ... Minneapolis! That's enough for song o' the day status.

This is not a reflection of the song's lyrical content, which pertains to the close proximity of great wealth and poverty in the modern cityscape. Summer of 1991, I visited the Twin Cities. I was probably visiting my sister in M'waukee, the summer right after the bar examination (Virginia bar) and there's only so much Wisconsin one person can take (or, more appropriately, given the huge food portions served in Greater M'waukee, "eat"). So I took a side trip to Minnesota.

I found a great radio station while there which played what I think we were then calling "new music," possibly "alternative music." (The station went off the air - drastic format change - the next year while I was again taking in the Twin Cities.) One sopng that the station played repeatedly during the few days I was in Minneapolis was a cathcy, hip-hop spiced bit of social commentary from
Kirsty MacColl, "Walking Down Madison."

So of course I had to buy the CD, the cleverly named Electric Landlady (which is now available from with a ton o' bonus tracks for $16.99). Kirsty had many great songs and the rapped bridge is distinctly "early 90s," but a great song reminding me of a fun vacation. What more do you want from pop music?
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