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Pet Shop Boys - "Your Funny Uncle"

Let's sing a song about AIDS! Another death song for song o' the day? This one is one of the biggest downers from those dance-pop icons the Pet Shop Boys.

The Pet Shoppers do AIDS songs better than just about anybody (even if none of their AIDS songs as nearly as good as the classic "Everyone Has AIDS" from Lease! ... or, umm, the Team America: World Police soundtrack). They thankfully don't do AIDS as anthems. Instead, they do gentle, subtle songs that treat illness as part of life. And none are subtle as their fragile little ballad, "Your Funny Uncle." You have to closely listen to the lyrics to discern that the song is set at a graveside funeral service for a young gay male.

I own this song on two Pet Shop Boys CDs. First, on the wonderful collection of B-sides and leftovers titled Alternative. Second, off the 2001 "bonus disc" re-release of their previously weak Introspective. Those bonus discs that the Pet Shops released at the turn of the millennium rendered Alternative superfluous. Plus, at $20.20 from, more at other sites, it's a little pricey. Just load up on all the bonus disc releases, instead, for maximum Pet Shop at the best price. (And all are essential, so don't scrimp there.)
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