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Prince - "Strange Relationship"

Side Three of Prince's Sign o' the Times is one of the great "album sides" in the history of two-sided vinyl LP's. Each of its four songs rank among the greatest recorded songs of His Purpleness. So, in celebration of this still-fresh 18 year old LP, there is no reason to limit Sign o' the Times to one Song o' the Day.

"Strange Relationship," a celebration of a failing, dysfunctional relationship, is a fantastic bit of pop craftsmanship. Underneath an uptempo melody track that seems almost danceable is a slow, incessant driving beat that perfectly mimics the cadence of a heartbeat, the nervous beat of some stressed-out person who feels like his heart is about to burst out of his chest cavity. At first blush, it seems like a tale of mere sexual incompatibility. Upon closer listen, it is a story told from the perspective of the abuser in a what had so far been merely a mutually manipulative, but psychologically abusive association. Is that why it never was released as a single? Doubtful, given that a few years earlier, Sting and the Police parked themselves at number one for about two whole months with a stalker anthem.

Is it creepy? Only if you think about it. But in the history of pop music, far creepier songs have been bigger hits. (Given the ongoing accusations of pedophilia, Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone" remains for me the absolute creepiest pop song in the recorded music era). In remembrance of Andrea Dworkin at her untimely passing, a song where indeed the sex may be the functional equivalent rape.
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