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Prince (with Sheena Easton) - "U Got the Look"

Saluting one of the great LP sides in the History of Rock 'n' Roll ... side three ... Sign o' the Times ... the magnificent Prince.

Side three kicks off with the opening synth whine of the classic Prince / Sheena Easton duet, "U Got the Look." Prince nails it when he delivers that great line, "U sho' nuff do be cookin' / In my book" And you just know that Prince is a Twins fan when he sings, "Here we are folks / The dream we all dream of / Boy versus girl in the World Series of love." Later that year in which this song was released, in the fall of 1987, Twins verus Cardinals in the World Series of baseball. Twins won their first World Series title.

This was not the first pairing of this classic duo. That would be 1984's Sheena Easton single "Sugar Walls," which if I am not mistaken is a none-too-subtle genital reference. From Prince! Imagine. With that song, and with this duet (song o' the day, don'tcha know), you would've thought that Prince could've gottten Sheena to tour with him on his Musicology tour last year. Y'gotta think Sheena was available. And, she is, after all, "the dream we all dream of."
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