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Retailers who drive away their customers

James Lileks bleats today about getting the third degree while making his purchases at a local Best Buy. In a Torquemada-worthy inquisition, the checkout person at the retailer lets loose a stream of invasive questioning, asking for address (to send a "free" magazine), phone numbers, demanding that he choose between extended warranty plans. All in all, the management of that chain has elected to make it as thoroughly unpleasant a shopping experience as possible.

Lileks is absolutely. Years ago, I stopped shopping at Sports Authority for that reason. I'd be paying cash for a $6 cotton Russell Athletic sleeveless workout T and the sales clerk would keep firing the questions. Can I have your phone number? "No." Or, "Why do you need that?" Why why why why do you need to interrogate a customer, to make someone regret buying from your store. We don't like to have to say know. We also don't like to have our privacy invaded. Rather than being continually forced to choose, it's just easier to shop somewhere else. It's not like Sports Authority was an exclusive dealer for Tevas.

And, given how much I grew to hate shopping at Sports Authority, I bought my last pair from Copeland's, where they let you buy things without an endless interrogation. For now. And if they ever start with the harassment, then there are other stores in Las Vegas.

Y'know, I ahte how it all comes down to Wal-Mart being a great place to shop, but ... if I use the self-checkout lanes at my neighborhood Wal-Mart, I am a zero risk of having to endure a checkout line interrogation from the retail clerk. Yet another reason to shop at America's favorite (and most hated) retailer.
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