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So much anger!

So much anger in my postings over the recent days. Yet, in contrast to all this apparent anger, I am quite content, actually.

It's a beautiful sunny day in the most liveable city in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. I just got back from taking Zack The Dog for a run in the park, where he got himself fawned over by multiple attractive women. He got to sniff some dachsund and other breeds. Now he's sacked out on the floor, which sounds like a good idea to me.

Today I vow to continue my quest to eat a new and interesting alternative restaurants. Yesterday's trip to the Argentine restaurant, however, was a complete bust. (I won't name the restaurant, but, c'mon, how many Argentine restaurants do you think there are in Las Vegas? And, no, I will not answer that question by saying "one too many." Happy thoughts.)

Surly service: when I told the waiter it was my first time there, so I was going to ask about the menu, he just snapped, "Give me your drink order." Not very warm and welcoming.

Mediocre food: I had a dry, flavorless "Milanesa de Carne" sandwich, which was listed as being topped with mayonnaise and Italian dressing, but in actuality had no dressing and they were so stingy with the mayo as it was as if the stuff cost $900 an ounce.

There I go again, Mr. Negativity. Positive thoughts. Today, I will try Indonesian. And I will like it!
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