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Tears for Fears - "Year of the Knife"

While both of the monster Tears for Fears LPs were great complete listens, only the singles really left much in the way of impressions. The album tracks add to the overall polished atmosphere, but they consistently failed to leave any marks. If you don't think I'm right, then, quick: sing a verse from "The Working Hour," Track 2 on Songs from the Big Chair that fell right between the great Number 1's "Shout" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

The exception on the other mega-hit, Seeds of Love, is the intricate "Year of the Knife," a cautionary tale of how violence begats violence. Propelled by a throbbing (almost disco) bass placed underneath an almost rockabilly-style guitar lead, it's a little like Ike & Tina Turner doing "Proud Mary." It starts off slow, pretty much ambient, then it begins to build, reaching the point of urgency by the time of the late-arriving chorus.

Alldirect sells Seeds of Love (with bonus tracks, of course) on the sale for only $10.69. You pick up Songs from the Big Chair (again, with bonus tracks) for the very same price. You can even grab the unrelievedly downer The Hurting for that price, too, but how much melancholy do you really need? Grab the big two at that obscene bargain of a price and enjoy.
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