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Timbalada - "Vera"

Song o' the day goes international again. "Vera" is the final cut on theCD Timbalismo by the great Bahian Brazilian band (and percussionist Carlinhos Brown side project) Timbalada. Usually, on the CDs for these Brazilian superstars, the last cut is a throwaway. Many times it is a brief instrumental, see, e.g., "Lactomia," the extended drum solo that ends Pense Minha Cor, or, even more bizarrely, the Sousa-style brass march "Hino do Binfa" that concludes Mineral. For Timbalismo, it is the best Timbalada song of the 21st Century.

"Vera" is a percussion-driven pop song that, basically, is what War would sound like if they were from Salvador da Bahia, Brasil. Not only is there a little brass carrying the melody, but there is even some flute down in the music. I would sing along with the lyrics more, except for the fact that my Portuguese language skills are on the level of a four year old - a mentally handicapped four year old.

If you want to learn more about the rich and varied sounds of the most musical country on the planet, Brazil, an additional resources is the All Brazilian Music site, a Brazil-only version of the invaluable All Music site (which is, itself, a very good resource for all forms of Brazilian music).
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