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Wal-Mart and the American Left

Blog Retrofuturistic has staked out its niche in the blogosphere: I am the defender of Wal-Mart, as evidence here and here.

In addition to the well-publicized, well-financed fights to keep Wal-Mart out of particular locales, the Maryland state legislature just passed anti-Wal-Mart legislation. The bill mandates that large employers spend a certain portion of its income on employee health care. In actuality, it's a bill of attainder against Wal-Mart.

What in the world is the problem with those Maryland Democrats?

I love Wal-Mart. I'm cheap and I love low prices. If a company wants to charge me outrageously low prices for groceries, grooming products, and other assorted household items, then, by God, I'm gonna let them. I don't case if Wal-Mart is losing money on selling me SpeedStick deodorants for $1.70-something. I don't care if Wal-Mart's supplier is going under supplying Wal-Mart with Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice at such a low prices that my neighbor Wal-Mart will sell it to me for $2.50. Ain't capitalism grand! If the capitalist wants to lose money, I'll let them. And if it's all a ruse to drive the competition out of business so that next month they can charge $4.25 (which is what my Albertson's used to charge for the same half-gallon of delicious Tropicana Pure Premium), then next month I'll be drinking grapefruit juice, or mango nectar. Who wouldn't love these cheap prices?

The out-of-touch Left, that's who.

Wal-Mart is a microcosm for all that ails the elitist Left. Their War on Wal-Mart perfectly illustrates the disdain and outright contempt that the spoiled brat Left feels toward us working class stiffs.

The Left has long since left the business of helping working people. Ever since the rise of George McGovern, the "liberals" have waged war on the working class. From job-destroying environmental legislation and workplace regulation, to the destruction of public education, the Left can be counted on supporting government actions to decrease the quality of life for working people. The Left will fight tax cuts for working people, while demanding government funding (i.e., taxpayer subsidies) for their peculiar, unpleasant taste preferences such as NPR, left-wng harangues masquerading as lectures, and art involving the creative use of piss and dung (the more sacrilegious, the better).

Wal-Mart's biggest crime is letting people (and its customer base is very much working class) buy affordable mass-market merchandise. It's a shame that offends so many on the Left. Why can't these soulless, overbearing lefty zealots let other people live their own lives? It's like George Bailey once said of Potter, it's something they can't get their hands on and it's gnawing at them. Like Potter to the Bailey Building & Loan, the Left wants to destroy Wal-Mart.

Why does it hurt them so much for me to shop where I want to? Why can't they just let us people live our lives, for once?

The elitist Leftist engine that drives the Democrat party has declared War on Wal-Mart. Maryland is the latest skirmish, after Queens, Staten Island, and Inglewood, California. Working people do like to shop where they can get good prices. The Democrats don't think you are entitled to that option. Yet another reason why real working people no longer think the Democrats have any interest in them or their needs.
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