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Ward Churchill: Affirmative Action = Nazism

According to Eric at, according to Little Green Footballs, according to the Associated Press, that according to David Lane, the lawyer for embattled/embittered University of Colorado ethnic studies "professor" Ward Churchill,[*] the University's examination into Churchill's false claim of Indian ancestry smacks of Nazi type investigations into "racial purity."


Stopped clock. Twice a day. Correct, y'know?

I'm afraid I am agreeing with Ward on this one. One of my major criticisms of affirmative action is that there is a Nazi-like focus on racial classifications. Proponents of affirmative action really do promote the idea of race, or ethnicity, as destiny. This is the basis for the leftist core belief that "diversity" is nothing more than a laundry list of group memberships. The major reason that affirmative action is wrong is because of this unhealthy obsession with race, ethnic group and religion. This was a central tenet of Nazism and an obsession of the academic Left.

My favorite watch is broken. It's stuck on 9:40. The other day, I looked down at the dresser, with all my watches, broken and unbroken, lined up. I saw that the time was 20 minutes to 10:00. Yes, even my favorite broken watch was, despite itself, correct at that exact instance of time. Ward is so very much like my broken watch. (It too is old-fashioned and stylistically out-of-date.) But, instead of a particular time, he's stuck on "Nazi," and the trappings of Third Reich (see, e.g., "Little Eichmanns). The other 99.9% of each day that's he's completely wrong is not relevant here. This just happens to be one of his two daily minutes of correctness.

Footnote: [*] Why yes, those were "sarcasm" scare-quotes around the appellation "professor." Thanks for noticing.
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