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Why can't Palestinians be "extremists"?

Saw this darling AP wire photo via this vignette on littlegreenfootballs:

Two Palestinian children at "play". With machine guns. Here's the AP caption:

Two young Palestinians practice with unloaded weapons during a rally of the Al
Aqsa Martyr's Brigades militant group, in Gaza City Friday April 8, 2005.
Palestinian militants are threatening to call off their month-old cease-fire
with Israel and resume attacks if a rally planned for Sunday by Jewish
at the Dome of the Rock the most hotly disputed holy site in
Jerusalem takes place.
(Emphasis added). Charles at LGF takes issue with the use of the word "unloaded," wondering just how the AP caption knew factually that the weaponry were unloaded. Seems like an assumption on the part of the AP.

Actually, what I think is truly "loaded" is the language used by the AP, evidencing a strong anti-Israel, pro-terror bias. The Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, a group of evil terrorist thugs, who aim to destroy Israel but really mortally wound only the innocent Palestinian people, is described merely as "Palestinian militants." "Militants"! How fair! How balanced! Yet a Jewish group that wants to hold a rally at a site holy to its religion, too, is deemed "extremists". Nice.

Teaching vey young children to kill with machine guns is not, according to the AP, "extremist". Free speech, at a religious site, however, is. Hmmm.

According to my Leftist/English dictionary, the word "extremist" is defined as follows: (1) a hateful conservative deserving of hate, (2) a conservative with whom you strongly disagree because they are full of hate, unlike you, the enlightened Leftist, (3) any conservative who, by definition, should be hated. Thus, the free speech Jews must be "extremists," a word never used to describe someone for whom your typical Leftist feels empathy, no matter how, well, "extreme."

What was it that Professor Reynolds once said? They aren't anti-war. Just on the other side.

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