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Women's Ordination Conference deems Pope "divisive"

This gem from the wonderful new "Roman Catholic Blog": "Sour Grapes From the Women's Ordination Conference".[*]

The R C Blog quotes their website as follows:

“When our church desperately needed a healer, the Cardinals elected Ratzinger — well known for being divisive in the church,” stated Joy Barnes, Executive Director of the Women’s Ordination Conference. “We need a pope who will build a bridge between progressive and orthodox Catholics, but based on Ratzinger’s hard-lined record, it is doubtful that this will become a reality.”
There's that word, "divisive". I get so riled up at the inappropriate use of the term "divisive," especially when it's used by people who really are the truly divisive.

My personal opinion is that need a Pope who will be just like the Pope Pope Benedict XVI will be. A pope who will consolidate the counter-reformation within the Catholic Church so valiantly fought by his predecessor. It is people like this "Women's Ordination Conference" who are truly divisive, forcing a change in a matter where the Church already has spoken definitively and finally. Pope Benedict XVI is not divisive merely by standing up for 2000 years of Church tradition in an area where his predecessor already decided the issue ex cathedra.
This means: this is not a subject for discussion. Period. Any further discussion by these people is by definition divisive, as it promotes schism and casts the Church as a unanchored dinghy tossed about the waves and currents of popular fashion.

The audacity if these refugees from some womyn's studies department and the feminized men who won't stand up to them. Calling anyone who won't give into their agenda "divisive"! They are being infantile in their self-centered egotism, just as our Pope is calling for adults to adults. They are propagating a selfish belief that they are automatically entitled to their personal preferences and anyone who stands in their way ... whine whine whine is being "divisive." Because they think that they are the only ones who count. Failing to give into them divides; surrender unites ... only if you are severely narcissistic and reject Copernicus's idea of the sun at the center of the universe and, instead, place yourself there. What an inappropriate for Christ's Church on earth.

The Pope has spoken on this subject and it is beyond the realm of debate. Anyone who wishes to continue belaboring the point is unworthy of the priest, making the very existence of the Womyn's Ordination Conference self-euthanizing.

Footnote: [*] I'm not enthusiastically linking to Roman Catholic Blog just because they blogrolled me. I have other reasons. Which I'll think of in a bit. Really. It's not an ego thing. Really.
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