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Boomtown Rats - "Keep It Up"

The first four LPs from Sir Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats have recently been re-released, re-mastered, and re-bonus-tracked. If you have the Rats on LP, these CDs are worth re-owning.

The Rats were nominally a punk band, a very melodic punk band. Their best songs sound like Bob Dylan tearing through the Van Morrison catalog, as each artist was both lyrically and sonically a great influence on these Irish popsters. Rat music never sounded better than on these remasterings. The band sounds quite professional and polished, without a hint of slickness.

Their third LP, The Fine Art of Surfacing, was their artistic breakthrough. The first two LPs were masterpieces of pop hook-laden DIY (do it yourself) punk. Surfacing represents a great advancement in songwriting and musical craftsmanship. There are so many great songs, many quite intricate and deep ltrically, but for a catchy bit of pure pop fluff, "Keep It Up" is a winner. Song o' the day, material, I tell ya.

Amazon has the import CD for $25.99. That's a lot, but this one is worth a premium. Would be nice for a record label to do a domestic release at a nice discount. I couldn't wait for that day, though, so I bought mine from a British store off the invaluable GEMM site.
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