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City Boy - "The Violin"

A rock song, about an elderly woman sitting around ... hallucinating ... about a long ago young man playing ... the violin? Hell yeah!

My CD collection has one thing in common with "Canadian Content" radio stations. I own my records that sound just like classic Top 40 pop music, yet is something that regular people just haven't heard much. City Boy is one such group.

City Boy was a six-man British "prog-pop" group, i.e., they made hook-laden pop music that was deeply rooted in 1970s British "progressive rock" scene. They had a minor U.S. hit in 1978, "5-7-0-5," (#27 U.S. pop) off 1978's Book Early. But their best effort, far and away, was 1976's Dinner at the Ritz, an absolute hidden masterpiece of 1970's British pre-new wave pop. Dinosaur pop at the dawn of the punk era.

Every song is a gem. "The Violin" stands out. It is about as non-traditional of rock song material as it gets. An old woman. A violin. Let's rrrrraaaawwwwwwwck! It's gentle and delicate. It's respectful and reflective, without being maudlin or condescending toward its subject. It's great pop music.

Today's song o' the day, "The Violin," is dedicated to the best violinist who I ever had as a friend.
I have been searching for this song for over 25 years..maybe close to 30 years. I thought I had dreamed this song up from my teenage years until I reconnected with an old friend who reminded me who had sung it. Thankfully, City Boy released all their albums to CD and as of today, I am a proud owner of "Dinner At The Ritz." I've listened to "The Violin" about 10 times already today. Brilliant song and the album is amazing. I am now so surprised that they didn't do better than they did...
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