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Does the Catholic Church need "de-homosexualizing"?

My standard reaction whenever I read Maximus at RomanCatholicBlog is: preach on, brother! His blog is normally dead-on in his defense of orthodoxy and traditional Catholicism in the ongoing struggle to defeat the forces of liberal, anti-traditionalists who would turn the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church into a mushy muddled (yet still more colorful) Episcopalianism. His views are desperately needed to be heard both within and outside the Catholic sphere.

Though I rarely disagree with him, I strongly disagree with his brief essay on
"De-Homosexualizing" The Catholic Clergy. We all have our particular, individualized crosses that we must bear. For some, it might be a temper, or being prone to violence. For others, it might be gambling, or being prone to substance abuse. It might be sexual. It might be women. Or men. Each of us is tempted by some sins more than others. And I do not think that a priest should be judged by which sins he is more tempted to commit than others, especially if the actual temptation is being overcome and the sin has not been committed.

As long as the priest remains celibate and is faithful and committed to the true teachings of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, what does it matter what particular cross he must bear? Put it this way: some are tempted by Brad Pitt, others by Jennifer Aniston. I don't want my priest telling me that he finds either of them "hot". There's just no good reason for it ever to come up in the course of a homily. It doesn't matter which, when his head hits the pillow at night, which one he sees in his dreams.

On the other hand, though, rather than Brad or Jen, if the one he is seeing in his dreams is Angelina Jolie, well, that's downright scary ... and that may be a reason to exclude someone from the priesthood.
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