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Guilty pleasure Saturday: "So Hard to Be in Love with You" - Daryl Hall & John Oates

Voices was deservedly the artistic and commercial breakthrough for the most successful duo in the history of recorded music, the great Daryl Hall & John Oates. On Voices, the duo gave up all pretenses of being a "rock 'n roll band" (E.g.,,they made no attempts at "rockin' out" after the horrific "Alley Katz" from Along the Red Ledge.) They focused on being a great harmony-driven pop band, heavily inflenced by Philadelphia International R&B (appropos for a band from the City of Brotherly Love).

Unlike other Hall & Oates LPs, the album cuts on Voices are even better than most of the singles. My favorite track is the overlooked "So Hard to Be in Love with You." The harmonies are intricate and done to perfection. Present is the new wave influence of the ahead-of-its-time X-Static, especially in the opening drum lick that sounds a lot like that from the new wave/disco classic "Mystery Achievement" from The Pretenders.

The song is a silly nothing about being in a relationship with someone who travels a lot internationally. It's not typical rockstar "life on the road" drivel because the singer is the one who is homebound; the song is sung to the jet-setter, not by him. But so what? The lyrics are just an excuse to exercise the wonderful instrument that is the voice of Daryl Hall, complemented perfectly by his swarthy partner John Oates. A wonderful song o' the day.
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