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I'm not going to Medicine Hat, Alberta!

The process of selecting a vacation option by eliminating one choice at a time, randomly, is a good way to gauge one's attitudes toward each individual option. When I selected the 20 places I'd never been, but wanted to go, I liked some places more than others, but I absolutely wanted to go to each and every place.

But as this has gone on over the last few weeks, I realized that I really have no interest in some of the places. For example, Costa Rica. I'm sure Costa Rica is berautiful: the landscape, the architecture, the people. But, now that I think about it, since I like to travel alone, the beautiful beaches and jungles would be deadly dull. For me. I don't surf. I don't snorkel. I don't climb. This is a place that would be a perfect vacation spot for so many people. I now know I'm not one of them. As you would say in a relationship break-up, it's not you, Costa Rica, it's me.

Of all the options, the one I grew to really intensely dislike was Medicine Hat, Alberta. I love the name, still. I've been to Mexican Hat, Utah, had an absolutely grand time there (seriously, Goosenecks State Park is an awesome (as in "awe-inspiring) site, as is nearby Monument Valley). Medicine Hat would have been the perfect bookend, no?

I have problems with Canada. (See, e.g., Bruce Cockburn - "Peggy's Kitchen Wall," supra.) I thought Alberta, being the most U.S.-like of all the provinces, could be fun. Drive to Medicine Hat, then drive up to Calgary and over to Banff (where I had been before, but certainly could enjoy again). Maybe even head up to Jasper. But that would entail spending money in Canada, and paying taxes to support the duplicitous Liberal Party banana republic type corruption.

I could have made an Alberta vacation work. I probably would have concentrated on Montana. I could have taken in the famous Cut Bank, Montana, Giant Penguin (which, really, should have been the vacation destination and not Medicine Hat, in the first place). But Medicine Hat, which made the final three, did not make the final two.
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