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I'm not going to New Madrid, Missouri

Today is Birthday 45. Actually, technically, it's my 46th birthday, since I was born on my first birthday, so my first birthday was actually my second, which makes my 45th my 46th. Follow?

Only two envelopes left in the jar. Either one would make a great vacation. I pulled out one, the last to be eliminated, leaving the vacation choice in the jar. I'm not going to New Madrid, Missouri.

New Madrid is fascinating to me, given that it's the unlikely spot for the most powerful earthquakes to ever strike the conterminus United States. I know they've long since repaired the damage done in the 1811 and 1812 quakes (except that done to the course of the Mississippi River), but still, it would have been great to get a look at the landscape from one of the most interesting geological events in U.S. history. It would have been the centerpiece of great trip through the Heartland. Of course I would have driven up to St. Louis and taken in a Cardinals baseball game![*]

But it's not happening in Year 45.

Footnote: [*] The Cardinals, by the way, are now 5.5 games in front in the NL Central and, at 18-8, are the only team in their division with a winning record. It looks like the Central Battle may be over.
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