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Momentum building for real filibusters

I'm one of those truly conservative conservatives who is against bending to the whims of fashion and abolsihing the Senate filibuster just because the Republicans can. Momentum seems to really be building for the traditional option, which some on the internet are dubbing "the Nostalgia Option." This is the return of the true filibuster.

The Dems say all that they want is to debate President Bush's judicial nominations. As a result, we have no debate and not enough judicial vacancies being filled. Worst of both worlds. (If you want to attribute this to the utter lack of leadership skills on the part of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who has allowed Harry Reid - Harry Reid! - to run rings around himself - well, I would not offer a counter-argument.)

The Dems want debate? Then it should be debate that we shall have. Return the traditional filibuster to its intended state, before Sen. Robert Byrd (D-Ku Klux Klan) in a naked display of power politics unilaterally changed the filibuster rule to allow these pretend filibusters. As TigerHawk said:

The prospect of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy bloviating for hours on C-SPAN would deter filibusters except when the stakes are dire, if for no other reason than the risk that long debate would
create a huge amount of fodder for negative advertising. If Frist were to enact the "reform" of the filibuster instead of its repeal, he would sieze the high ground. He could take the position that the Republicans are merely rolling back the "worst excesses" of the long period of Democratic majority in the Congress, and that filibusters will still be possible if Senators are willing to lay it all on the line.
If you don't want cloture on a debate, then debate. This is a two-fer. (1) The Dem filibusterers look like idjits on C-SPAN 24/7 droning on and on about particular judicial nominees (how many hours before the remarks against Janice Rogers Brown sounds like unadulterated racism straight outta Bob Byrd KKK past?) and (2) the business of the Senate grinds to a halt. For us small government conservatives, that means they can't do any harm.

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