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Sweden under jihad: no wonder it's called the "Stockholm Syndrome"

I recently caught this rather dispiriting blog-article from "fjordman" documenting the collapse of Swedish civil society. It is a portrait of a bored, wealthy (although not as wealthy as it perceives itself) culture that appears to have lost its collective will to survive. (Found via Rant Wraith.)

Apparently, internal Swedish muslim groups are calling for terror attacks within Sweden, including Theo Van Gogh/Pim Fortuyn style murders against anyone daring to speak ill of Islam. Crime is out of control in immigrant-filled cities such as Malmö, with the police having surrendered (leaving innocent immigrants at the mercy of the internal Islam terrorists).

This isn't just dhimmitude: the recognition that non-Muslims should be accorded significantly lower status in an Islamic Republic (as Sweden seemingly aspires to be). This is the aptly named Stockholm Syndrome: the psychological pathology that hostages eventually come to identify more with their captors than with their community. Swedish civil society is being held captive by Islamofascist thugs and Sweden's ruling elite reacts by crying for Swedes to surrender faster.

The myth of Scandanavian prosperity has long since been punctured. Multiculturalism will be the next myth to die in the frozen soil of the Land of the Midnight Sun.
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